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Melbourne CBD Dentistry:

Gorgeous Smiles offers clients complete dental care in our state of the art practice. Our skilled dentists and entire team of staff always strive to ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during every single visit. We offer personalised care and take time to discuss all available treatment options with you.

Having your teeth cleaned by a professional dental hygienist or dentist is crucial to good oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing is important to keeping cavities and bacteria at bay, but may not be as effective on removing calculus or staining.

Our dentists and oral hygienists will remove any tartar or plaque and can reach those awkward areas your toothbrush just can’t get to. We can also provide you with advice on how to better care for your teeth at home.

Providing Zoom teeth whitening in Melbourne CBD

Zoom is the latest technology in teeth whitening. This simple but highly effective bleaching procedure is designed to give you gorgeous, pearly whites in less than an hour.

If you love your red wine, coffee and dark meat, a teeth whitening session can help you maintain your beautiful smile and eliminate your stain concerns so you can step out in confidence.

Completely safe with instant results, Zoom teeth whitening gives you much greater protection and care for your gums and tooth enamel compared to other whitening procedures. It’s no wonder then that it has become the most popular method all across Australia and one that we take pride in implementing at our Melbourne cosmetic dental clinic in the heart of the CBD.

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At Gorgeous Smiles, it is our goal to offer you comprehensive dental care and excellent client services so you can leave our clinic smiling from ear to ear.

To book your next visit or to enquire about professional teeth cleaning or Zoom whitening in Melbourne CBD, please contact our office now on 03 9042 0483. We are open seven days a week and always strive to find an appointment that suits your schedule.

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