Melbourne Children’s Dentist | Paediatric Dentist in Melbourne

Melbourne Based Children’s Dentist

Although it can be easy to forget sometimes, kids are not just miniature versions of adults; they carry their unique physiology, psychology and health needs. This rule also applies when it comes to dental health, as caring for baby teeth and instilling good oral hygiene practices in children are both specialised skills that take years of study and practice to hone. When it comes to caring for the oral health of your little ones, a paediatric dentist is the best option as they have the experience and skill to work on younger patients including infants. Our Melbourne clinic has a resident children’s dentist who has extensive experience working with children of all ages from infants through to teens.

Our Professional Paediatric Dentist will take care of all your Child’s Oral Health Needs

Gorgeous Smiles’ paediatric dentist offers a range of specialist services for our younger Melbourne clients including:

Oral Exams

Children are impatient and sitting in the dentist’s chair for any extended period is something many kids are not willing to endure. Our talented paediatrics professional has a whole barrage of tricks to ensure your infant or child’s oral exam goes quickly and smoothly.

Preventative Dental Care

This includes cleaning and polishing to ensure teeth remain healthy, and plaque remains at bay.

Early Orthodontic Assessment

Children’s dentists are often able to provide an initial assessment of whether or not your child will need to have their teeth straightened or bite corrected.

Tooth Repair and Gum Management

This includes cavity repair, treatment of gum disease and care for dental injuries.

Habit Counselling

Good oral hygiene starts early, and a paediatric dentist can help to instruct and implement a proper dental care routine that will set your child up for life.


There are several medical conditions and diseases such as asthma, hay fever, ADD, and diabetes that are partially diagnosed through an oral exam.

If you would like to book your children in for a check-up at our Melbourne clinic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on (03) 9937 7905.