Teeth whitening

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

1.How much does it cost?


Philips 4  ZOOM  Teeth Whitening:


  • Take home Zoom Teeth whitening kit and trays: $169

  • One hour in chair Philips 4 Zoom Teeth Whitening:  $495                           

     (this treatment includs a FULL dental examination , Scale and Clean,One hour in chair Zoom Teeth Whitening and Fluoride treatment. This is a unique promotion at our dental office in Melbourne CBD)

  • Forever White: $595

     ( This treatment is a combination of both treatments above, with every check up we would give you one syringe of home teeth whitening refill.)

Pola Office Teeth Whitening:


  •  One Hour in Chair: $360

  •  Forever White: $495 

    ( This treatment is a combination of both treatment above, with every check up we would give you one syringe of home teeth whitening refill.)

Happy Patient having Zoom Teeth whitening done in Chair at Gorgeous Smiles.

A blogpost about our Zoom teeth Whitening procedure and some videos shared by our gorgeous Melbourne based models who had their teeth whitened at Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne CBD can be read HERE.

2.How long does the treatment take?

Zoom Teeth Whitening, takes one-two hours, We do the treatment at the office (This is not the treatment you take home ).If you have not had a dental cleaning in the past one month it is recommended to have it done before your Zoom Whitening otherwise the result might not be 100% what you are hoping for.

3.What are my options for Teeth Whitening?

There are several options, to do it at the dentist is what we recommend. There are several factors to keep in mind when doing a Teeth Whitening and keeping your gum , cheeks and tongue away from the bleaching material is one. This is what we do for you and make sure your soft tissue is safe from the Teeth Whitening material before we start.

This is what would be hard to manage at home.Second option would be to do the treatment at home, for this we will make you custom made trays and give you the material to take home. The Teeth Whitening material for home kits have to be much weaker not to harm your oral health. My recommendation would be 6% Hydrogen Peroxide. It will whiten your teeth you just need to do the treatment for longer (usually two weeks at the time).

4.What material is used for  Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening done at the dentist uses Hydrogen Peroxide, The percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide determines the effect. Usually at the dental office we use Hydrogen Peroxide 25%-40%.

5.How long does the Teeth Whitening last?

It really depends on your teeth, genetics and your diet.
Smoking, drinking tea, coffee and red wine all can affect your teeth colours and how long the Zoom Whitening lasts.

I cannot quit coffee myself so my recommendation would be to try to avoid them as much as possible but you can have a home kit to help you whiten your teeth every year or so, Or you can come in for a boost of Teeth Whitening whenever you feel the colour of your teeth is getting darker. The boost would be the same procedure we do for Teeth Whitening only it would be half an hour treatment just to give your teeth a boost.

Did you know Ceramic Veneers are also called permanent Teeth whitening? to read more about the differences between Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers check out our blogpost HERE.

6.Would The procedure harm my teeth?

No, There is absolutely no harm in Whitening your teeth.The only side effect of Teeth Whitening is teeth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity is caused by the slight acidic nature of Hydrogen Peroxide, That is why at Gorgeous Smiles Dentistry we apply Fluoride varnish right after every Teeth Whitening treatment to make sure the sensitivity will be much less and gone in a day or two.

7.What do I do if I have a front tooth filling?

If You have an old filling on the front tooth, in a way that it shows in your smile the colour difference might show after the Teeth Whitening. We are not able to whiten fillings. What can be done is to whiten your teeth and wait about 14 days for the colour to settle then we can change the filling to a colour that matched the new teeth colour.

Patient has front fillings as you see the colour of fillings wont change with teeth whitening.

8.Can I have Zoom Teeth Whitening if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately not, You cannot have Teeth Whitening at home or office as long as you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

9.Can I eat and drink right after Whitening my teeth?

We usually ask our patients to avoid eating or drinking for an hour but that is for the Fluoride varnish treatment to be fully absorbed by the teeth, after an hour has passed you can eat and drink as usual. We would recommend not to have any red wine, coffee, tea or smokes at least for 48 hours after Teeth Whitening.

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