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Veneers are like a Ceramic jacket put on your teeth, A thin shell of Porcelain Permanently glued to the front side of your teeth.
there is minimal tooth structure damage, and the looks of your teeth will be drastically changed!


Veneers are the key to “Hollywood Smile” , Permanent teeth whitening and a beautiful angelic smile!


Our Veneers are Porcelain Zirconia, best material available with natural white look. We pick the shade of your teeth with our digital camera colour scanner to match the colour of new Veneers perfectly with your own teeth.


Veneers are recommended in following scenarios: 


  • Spaces between your front teeth that are affecting the beauty of your smile

  • you have an old Veneer that is broken or chipped

  • Broken front teeth

  • Crowding on your front teeth

  • Permanently white teeth

  • Childhood antibiotic have permanently stained your teeth



Here is a before and after photo of one of our Veneers:


IMG_8481 (1)

As You see in this patient the front two teeth were not aligned, patient wanted them to be aligned and straight but she did not want to go ahead with any orthodontic treatment as it would be quicker to do Veneers for her.

We first did teeth whitening and then matched the colour of new Veneers with her new teeth colour. She has a straight gorgeous smiles now.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Am I a suitable patient for Veneers?


We will assess your teeth before we can tell you if it is suitable for you to have Veneers or not, it depends on your overall oral health and the reason you want to have Veneers.For example if you have severe gum disease we would not be able to put Veneers on your teeth as your gum needs to be healthy first.


Would it damage my teeth?


The damage is minimal, is needs tooth preparation but the damage is less than a minor filling you had in childhood.


Why Veneers?


Veneers are suitable for patients who would want Whiter teeth and they want it permanently, if you are tired of having your teeth whitened every 6 months or a year Veneers are suitable choice for you.
We also recommend Veneers when your teeth need minimal alignment (like the photo above).
In some cases if the teeth are too small and you would like to widen or lengthen them Veneers can be suitable.


How many appointments would I need?


Only one, with our in house lab we create the ceramic Veneers on the same appointment so you do not have to travel to the dentist twice.


How long my Veneers will last?


Really depends on your body, biology and teeth structure but average life of Veneers are 10-15 years, that being said we have patients who have their Veneers for 27 years and still happy with them.


Why Choose us?


Our Porcelain Veneers are made in house using best materials available in Australia Zirconia Veneers. You no longer need several appointments and injections to have your Ceramic Veneers done we can do it for you in a single appointment with latest technology.